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Ph-c-c has a skilled printing team specializing in offering innovative design solutions and expertise in print buying that ensures you to obtain the marketing material that you need at competitive prices.

All our staff are enthusiastic and committed to helping you. Simply let us know what your objectives are and we will advise you on the most cost effective design and print solution. We will then manage for you the entire process from concept to print delivery.


Digital Printing:
The digital printing technologies and services have reduced several of the traditional methods of the printing industry, primarily by decreasing or avoiding the use of many commonly-used inks, washes and coatings.

Digital printing efficiently bypasses and eliminates any impacts from this stage. The digital prints created are of the highest quality. Prints posted to you within two working days of giving your order. Due to our highest quality conventional printing, digital printing, offset printing and web printing at the lowest prices, our clients depend on us.

The use of digital printing in graphic arts, display, packaging, office and mass media is now widespread. We can help to ensure the right technology is utilized on the correct substrate at the optimum cost. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you on +2010 54 50 353.

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