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It is very important to communicate your company or organizationís key messages and information on a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.
These versatile media can deliver video, audio, graphics, animation, downloadable documents, text and can even link to external websites.

Phoenix Cor. Comm. can produce a full range of CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs in a variety of innovative shapes and storage sizes, from business card sized CD-ROMs to large, multimedia storage DVD-ROMs.

CD-ROMs and DVD ROMs convey your company's or organization's message through a combination of text, audio, video and graphic animations. Each feature is a total multimedia experience giving the viewer a detailed look into the advantages of dealing with your company.

 CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs can be used for:

Web Site/E-Commerce Site Launches
Product Information/Education
Business Cards/Mini CD Rom
Interactive Brochure
Company/Product Launch
Trade Show Giveaways
Annual Reports
Technical Reports
Multimedia Sales Presentations
Video Tours

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